Here are the steps in order for you to add or connect to your child:

  • First, make sure you select the Team tab at the bottom right of your screen
  • Then, in the top left corner of your screen, you will see an icon in the top left corner, click that circle
  • Look for Parent/Guardian Connection, which will allow you to "Add child" or "Connect to a child"
  • Important! Your child's name might already be in the list if: another parent or guardian added them already or if they are older than 13 and manage their own account
  • Choose "My child is not in the team yet" if: you can't find your child's name in the list, your child is younger than 13 and doesn't manage their own account

NOTE: by following the steps "My child is not in the team yet" you are responsible for managing your child's account. If your child would like his or her own account, they'll need to join Heja using the team code. How do I invite/add members to my team?

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