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How do I add or connect to my child?
How do I add or connect to my child?

Parents/Guardians - create your profile first. Then, you can either add or connect to the player account!

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2023 NEW PROFILE UPDATE: If the steps below don't make sense, it's because we've started to roll out a new and improved Profile experience. You will either have the Old Profile or the New Profile. Follow the steps of the one that matches your Profile.

Old Profile

  1. Start in your Profile

  2. Under 'Edit your children' choose to add or connect to another child

✨IMPORTANT! Your child's name might already be in the team if,

✔️ A. another parent or guardian already added them


✔️ B. if the player is older than 13 and has created their account on their own

If none of the above, choose "My child is not in the team yet" at the bottom

If A or B, select the child's name and press "Send Request" at the bottom. The other parent or guardian will approve this connection in their profile settings and vice versa.

New Profile

  1. Select your Profile

  2. Click the icon in the corner of your Team

  3. Select add or connect to another child and follow the steps, similar to above

Let us know if you have any questions! 💚

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