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How/When are activity reminders sent out?
How/When are activity reminders sent out?

Reminders will help the parents and players set their attendance in a timely manner.

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The team will receive reminders and notifications in a number of situations so the coach has a better understanding of player availability. 

Here's the breakdown of when they happen:

  • Two hours before the activity starts

  • Morning of the activity (one to players who have already RSVP'd and one to players who have not RSVP'd)

  • Whenever a coach updates an event or cancels an activity, attending members will receive a notification of that change

  • Sun, Wed, Fri reminders for the following week 

  • Within 7 days of the event

    Premium subscription only:

    Coaches can manually remind players by clicking on the activity and remind players who have not yet answered by choosing the "Remind now" button

Note: Activity reminders are default and at the moment cannot be customized. All team information regarding practice, games, events or other can only be found in Heja. 

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