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Inviting members to your team
Inviting members to your team

Inviting members to Heja is super simple. Share your team code through text, WhatsApp or email to build your team.

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In Heja, every player, parent and coach needs to create their own profile -- you are not able to add someone yourself (unless you are managing your child's account).

πŸ† Follow these 3 steps and you'll be on track to getting the whole team on Heja

βœ”οΈ Click the Team tab at the bottom left of your screen

βœ”οΈ Select Members at the top of the screen and scroll to the bottom

βœ”οΈ Copy the Team code and paste it into a text, or click Invite team members and this will share the link & team code!

Remember: players, parents, and coaches will create their own accounts. They can easily do this by downloading Heja, entering the team code you share with them, and creating their profile! ✨

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