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Heja's features make it easy for you and your teams to stay organized

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At Heja we value two things a little higher than everything else:

Your privacy and ease-of-use.

These are two things that you'll find everywhere in Heja and our goal will always be to keep your team safe, as well as keeping Heja really easy to use.

🔒 Privacy 

  • Only members of the team can see what's shared

  • Your team's private info is just that, private

  • Each member chooses what contact information is visible and who it's visible to

📅 Team Schedule & Activities 

  • A clear & easy overview of upcoming games & practices

  • Collect RSVPs to know who's going or not 

  • Track player attendance (Pro package feature)

  • Smart, automatic reminders. Read more here

🏡 Home 

  • Share important information to everyone in the team

  • Share photos and videos (max. 5 mins) to the Announcements Page

  • Structured and easy overview of new information

  • See exactly who has seen what information

  • Get responses by comments or nice reactions 🙌 🎉

💬 Direct Messages

  • One to one & small group conversations

  • Main Team chat group, already created for you

  • Easy and quick communication between coaches

  • Quick messages to parents or players

  • Coordinate carpooling, snack schedule or other

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Team overview

  • Everyone can contact each other with ease

  • All parents, players & coaches contact info is in one place, always up to date

Heja is available right now on Android and iOS

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