At Heja we want to keep fees to a minimum and that's why we only charge about 2% in payment fees.

Depending on where in the world you are based the total payment fees will slightly differ. This is due to card fees of the country you reside.

For citizens within EU & UK, the total payment fee is approximately 2% (including card fees).

Here’s a payment example:

£50 = £1 (2% of the amount)

£200 = £4 (2% of the amount)

£450 = £8 (1.77% of the amount)

Note that the fee decreases the higher the amount.

For American citizens the total payment fee is slightly higher (≈4%) due to higher card fees.

The fees are always paid by the payer and not the team. So if the team collected £450 they will always receive £450 to their account.

Again, important to note is that these include all card fees there is. Nothing else will be added.

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