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Adding another parent/guardian
Adding another parent/guardian

You can have unlimited parents/guardians connected to a child. Here's how to get all parents/guardians in the right place.

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To add a second parent or guardian to a child, they should follow these clear steps:

  1. Sign Up: The second parent or guardian must first sign up for Heja using the team code.

  2. Create a Parent/Guardian Profile: Once signed up, they can create their parent/guardian profile in Heja.

  3. Connection Steps:

    • Click on the You tab in the bottom right corner

    • Under Your Teams, find the team you want to connect with your child's profile

    • Click on the three vertical dots next to the team name

    • Choose "Add or connect to a child" from the list of actions

    • Select your child's existing account from the list of names

    • Click "Send request"

​Please note that there might be a short delay, but you'll soon see the connection request in your profile 🌟
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance! 😊

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