To start collecting and tracking fees in Heja you'll need to select the type of team you are.

Since you'll be collecting money, we are legally obligated to collect more information about you and your team. The information will be collected in different steps and selecting your country and team type is the first step.

Team Types

The different types determine what tax rules and regulations you'll follow. The three different types are:

  1. Single Team
    The collected money is planned to be transferred to your own personal bank account, not a team's registered bank account.

  2. Organization Team
    The collected money is planned to be transferred to a club or organization bank account, including team bank accounts.

  3. Registered Non-Profit Organization
    This should only be selected if the team is a part of a registered non-profit organization that goes under certain tax rules in your country.

Select the one that fits how you collect money and where it will be paid out to continue and get started with payments in Heja.

Good luck!

As always, reach out to us in Support if you have any questions! πŸ‘‹

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