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I'm a Grandparent and want to connect to my grandchild
I'm a Grandparent and want to connect to my grandchild

Many players have other family members on the team. If you're a Grandparent, here's how you can connect to your grandchild...

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To our wonderful Youth Sports Team Grandparents,

We don't currently have a grandparent category in Heja, so in the meantime, you'll just join as a "parent or guardian."

If you are currently listed as a player in Heja (this is done by default) no worries! You can join the parent list by adding or connecting to your grandchild.

Here are the steps:

Start in the You tab > select the dots next to the correct team your grandchild is part of > "add or connect to another child" > select your grandchild's name > send request. Either they or another parent or guardian will approve this request.

Once you've done this, most people edit their name to say "Susie Smith - Grandparent" if that works for you 😄

Let us know if you have any questions! [email protected] is always here to help.

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