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Who sees ads, what ads are allowed, consent management and more

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At Heja, our aim is to provide value to you and your teams and your continued success and ease of use in the world of youth sports. Among our core values, we prioritize safety and transparency.

Sponsorship development plays a big role in supporting our ecosystem, and allows us to continue offering our free version of Heja to millions of users. That said, we have carefully and proactively decided where ads are being placed and have worked hard to answer your questions and concerns on this topic below.

Who does not see ads?

Players under the age of 13 years will not see ads on Heja, and individuals below the age of 18 have strict limitations on what they see.

Who sees ads?

  • With the free version of Heja, the team members will see ads

  • With the Heja Pro subscription - team Admins will not see ads, but parents and players still see ads

  • With the Heja Plus subscription - team parents and players will enjoy an ad-free experience in all their teams on Heja, along with other enhanced features for your convenience

What types of ads are one Heja?

  • Inline ads can be seen within the app and between content.

  • Fullscreen ads are very limited and can only appear once every third day, at maximum. They sometimes have an animation of 5 seconds before you can close, but most often you can close this right away

ℹ️ If you experience ads that you can’t close, something is wrong - please reach out to our support team

What ads are blocked?

There are many ad categories that we do not accept and are blocked in Heja. E.g. Gambling, Dating, Body modification, Drugs & supplements, Politics, References to sex, Religion, and Weight loss, amongst others. While ads allow us to offer Heja for free it is equally important to make sure that Heja remains a safe platform.

We put a lot of time and effort into making sure only allowed ads are shown in Heja, but as we collaborate with several partners to serve ads automatically, we are not fully in control. While it is rare we do act fast if we ever see an inappropriate ad.

ℹ️ Have you seen an inappropriate ad? Take a print screen or make a screen recording and send it to our support. We will look into it and block it right away.

Consent Management

1. Google consent within the EU

  • If you are within the EU you may recognize this screenshot below. This is required by Google and it is always your decision to give consent or not. You can always adjust your preferences by going into "You" > "Ad consent".

  • You should only be prompted with this once. If you are seeing this screen more than once, please reach out to us as this is not normal.

ℹ️ Google Consent appears not to save? - It does save, but if you go back in after you've already made your preferences, it will reverse back to the default, indicating that it hasn’t saved. As this is a Google setting, it is out of our control at this time. But rest assured, once your changes have been made, it will save if you let them be.

2. Apple content on iPhone

  • If you are on an iPhone you might have seen this prompt. Not only does this help us deliver a better, more customized experience for you, but it also allows us to build essential partnership offerings

  • This is fully your decision and you will only be asked once. This can later be changed by going into Settings on your iPhone.

To conclude

The core of who we are remains true: we are people passionate about youth sports and supporting sports teams across the globe. Sponsorship and advertisement development is a critical part of keeping Heja free and accessible to all, and as we evolve, user satisfaction remains at the forefront of what we do and why we do it.

If you have any questions or feedback on our utilization of ads, please don't hesitate to reach out as we are always available and happy to chat more.

Contact us at [email protected] 💚

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