It’s a hassle remembering who has paid, when and how much. We built this feature to keep better track of your team fees. Admins will see a 'Fees' tab next to the Chat tab once you've upgraded. Here's how to manage Fees in Heja:

The full feature (paying through Heja, not just tracking) is only available to paying subscribers and available in most countries.

Fee setup:

  1. Select the Fees tab next to the Chat (if you're already on the Pro plan)

  2. Create your first fee 

  3. Select your country 

  4. Add a Title (ex: End of Year Banquet) as well as any other details

  5. Enter in the Amount per member, not the total

  6. Include a Due date so everyone knows the deadline

  7. When steps 1-5 are complete, select "Add" at the top

Payout settings:

  1. Go to Team Settings --> Payout setting --> enter your bank information

  2. If you choose to wait to put a card on file, we'll send you a reminder once the first payment has been made

  3. You can track if the individual has paid or not by looking next to their name

  4. If payments are made through Heja, a service fee will be applied. You will see this in your total. If payments are made outside of Heja, you can manually select if the individual has paid or not to keep things organized and in one place

Note: We do not offer refunds on fees paid through Heja.

As always, reach out to us in Support if you have any questions! 👋

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