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Adding another Coach or Admin
Adding another Coach or Admin

How to add another Coach or Admin to your team and how to differentiate the two roles.

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Adding another Coach or Admin

  1. Start in the Team view

  2. Click Members at the top of your screen

  3. Select the individual's name you'd like to make a coach

  4. You'll be directed to their profile. Click the icon in the corner and Set as Coach

There's a 1 admin per team limit with our free version. If you'd like to "swap" admin roles with someone, follow the steps above.

Admin & Coach: What's the difference?

  • Admins can create and edit any and all activities in the Schedule, send reminders, set up and collect team fees, delete posts, check attendance stats, and more

  • Coaches are listed as coaches in the team

If you'd like unlimited admins, explore our plans to upgrade πŸŽ‰

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