When setting up your team, it's important to make sure all coaches and admins are included as well! Admins can create and edit any and all activities in the Schedule, send reminders, delete posts, check attendance stats and more.

You can add another coach by starting in the Team view > then select the individual's name who you'd like to move to the Coaches list > you will then be led to their profile where you can select the icon in the corner and "Set as Coach"

There's a 1 admin per team limit with our free version. If you'd like to "swap" admin roles with someone, follow the steps above.

If you'd like unlimited admins, explore our plans to upgrade πŸŽ‰

Coaches = Listed under the "Coach" category on Heja

Admins = There is a limit of 1 admin per team with the the free version of Heja and unlimited admins with the purchase of our Premium subscription.

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